Mr. Toilet is now providing our customers with the most advanced toilet ever! The new toilet, Numi by Kohler, is the toilet of the future. Now when you sit down for that special time of day you know you’re sitting on the most advanced toilet ever made.

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Tired of that boring old porcelain? The Kohler Numi exceeds your old toilet in every way. With the compact, unfolding, and elegant design, the Numi decorates your bathroom like a subtle, yet stunning, piece of art. The new toilet comes with a variety of excellent features, including:

  • Heated seats and heated feet warmers
  • Smart phone accessibility
  • Automated open and close folding design
  • Touch screen remote that can toggle the bidet, music, and lighting
  • Water efficient flush
  • Integrated bidet with 3 different water propulsion styles and control over position, water temperature, and pressure.

Mr. Toilet is proud to offer many excellent Kohler products. Kohler is one of the world leaders in providing bold and innovative bathroom and kitchen products. They have been making top-quality bathroom and kitchen hardware for a long time. Now, with the Kohler Numi, our customers can sit in style.

Kohler Toilet Langley
Kohler Toilet Langley

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