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Mr. Toilet Plumbing: Toilets come in all different shapes, sizes, water flow amounts, and manufacturers. Mr. Toilet, serving Langley, Aldergrove, and the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area is here 24/7 to handle any toilet repair issues. Our vans are fully stocked with parts so that we can fix issues on the spot

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Toilet Running

How Do You Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running? If your toilet keeps running minutes after a flush, you might have an issue with your system. In some cases, the repair can be straightforward because one of the parts, including the flapper, the fill valve, the fill tube, the flush handle/flapper chain, or the float. Many of these parts can be replaced easily. Give our team at Mr. Toilet Plumbing a call.

Unclog Toilet Repair

While toilet unclogging may seem like a job that can be performed solo, professional help is often needed for severe stoppages. This is because a plunger alone is not always the right tool for the job. When foreign objects are flushed down the drain, for instance, the suction force propelled by these devices is simply not enough to free the blockage. Since most home and business owners lack access to the equipment needed to get wastewater flowing once more, making a phone call to Mr. Toilet is always a good idea. We have unclogged hundreds of residential and commercial toilet clogs in Langley BC.

Everything You Need on One Truck

Our team has all the equipment necessary for Toilet Repairs and fixing clogs, We can unclog toilets from the buildup of stubborn debris, which can include anything from toys, cell phones,  or too much toilet paper. We understand can happen which is why we are available 24/7 to remedy these toilet-related problems.


Why Should I Choose Mr. Toilet for My Toilet Repair Needs?

We specialize in repair and unclogging toilets. After assessing what needs to be done, we will devise the proper repair procedure and let you know precisely how much it will cost. In the event your toilet cannot be fixed and requires a replacement our service trucks are stocked with replacement toilets. This allows us to finish your toilet repair project quickly and efficiently, with little to no downtime. Contact Mr. Toilet today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to getting your toilet back to normal working order, and have technicians available around the clock in case of an emergency.    

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