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Leaking Toilet Langley

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Leaking Toilet Langley

For Leaking Toilet Repair Langley Call: 1-604-200-8617

Leaking Supply Line

In a lot of cases, leaky toilets are caused by a faulty supply line. This is because the supply line can be compromised by three different factors:

      • Old and not approved plastic toilet supply lines is a major problem in Langley and the Lower Mainland. 
      • Joints – water can seep out from joints in the supply line that have become loose or worn out.
      • Rubber lining – while this lining works as a guard against leakage, it can become worn out over time or even rupture.

Leaking Toilet Supply LIne Langley BC
Leaking Toilet Supply LIne Langley BC

The most common toilet supply line is a stainless steel flex supply line, shown above. Most houses, condos, or apartments will have this type of supply line since they install so quickly and easily. There are many other types of supply lines that require a more in depth removal and install, such as a rigid supply line. However, since those are not too common and are often specific to the toilet they are installed on.

Broken Toilet Tank

Hard impacts on the toilet tank can cause the tank to crack or fracture. Yet, even though the tank is broken, the toilet fill valve will continue to replenish water normally, causing constant leakage. The fracture in the tank might always be visible and too small to notice, making it hard to find the source of the leak.

Stuck Flapper or Warper Flapper

Stuck flappers often occur when the flush handle gets stuck in the downward position, which causes the fill valve to continue to supply the tank with water. As a result, the toilet will overflow, causing severe leakage. I just replaced my own toilet flapper. I was over 10 years old. 

Faulty Connections

Various toilet connections can become loose or the rubber linings that prevent watertight connections can wear away over time. If you find that this is the case with your toilet connections, the worn out or damaged parts should be replaced as soon as possible.

Faulty Fill Valve

Just as with every other part, fill valves will become worn out with time (usually due to a buildup of mineral deposits). Worn out fill valves can fail to shut off completely, which can then lead to a leaky toilet or a running toilet. 

Faulty Float

The float is the hollow ball that floats on the water surface in the toilet tank. If the float becomes cracked or not well aligned, it can cause the fill valve to run continuously.

Why Should I Choose Mr. Toilet for My Toilet Repair Needs?

We specialize in repair and unclogging toilets. After assessing what needs to be done, we will devise the proper repair procedure and let you know precisely how much it will cost. In the event your toilet cannot be fixed and requires a replacement our service trucks are stocked with replacement toilets. This allows us to finish your Langley toilet repair project quickly and efficiently, with little to no downtime. Contact Mr. Toilet Near Me Langley today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to getting your toilet back to normal working order, and have technicians.

For Leaking Toilet Repair Langley Call: 1-604-200-8617


Leaking Toilet Langley
Leaking Toilet Langley

Clogged Toilet




We are available around the clock in case of an emergency.  

For Leaking Toilet Repair Langley Call: 1-604-200-8617

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